Our Story

Our mission is a simple one – to provide a fun and tasty dining experience while doing a little good for those in need. Our specialty is blue collar food for the soul. Our creations are based off recipes we grew up with, then made easy to eat on the go! That’s the short and sweet of it. Want the whole old man rambling story? Scroll on down, pardner…

As Jeff recalls, “Eric and I met through a mutual band manager back in the day. Oddballs generally find each other in a crowd, right? The combo of our warped senses of humor and backgrounds in punk rock and country music led to a friendship.”

Fast forward to 2020. Jeff had been working for a large event company and, thanks to the COVID pandemic, found himself laid off with little advance notice. Since there weren’t many decent jobs to be had, he created his own by launching a tongue in cheek men’s t-shirt and accessories shop.

Early 2021 found Eric with a solid history in the healthcare industry. But, you know, sometimes you want more and to do things on your own terms and Eric said “to Hell with it.”

“Well, we’ve all got to eat, which led to conversations between us about opening a new business. The ideas started out pretty large. Then, as we did more and more research, we started to scale things down to something we might actually be able to afford doing without winding up under a mountain of debt. “

Jeff continues, “The original idea was that Eric wanted to do something good, something to help people, all while pulling from our existing personality traits – we’re musicians, we’re kind of strange, etc. We’d have a little shop where we would sell products, then allow hungry musicians passing through a stage where they could earn a few bucks while en route to their next city. All that, bundle in with using profits to help people in need – who knows, maybe buy some land and offer temporary housing to folks who need to escape from abuse on the spot… the ideas were limitless. From there, it morphed into a concept of, essentially, creating a roadside attraction that embeds those same original ideas of helping people in need while pulling from our past. We liked that idea a lot. However, it would cost a lot of money to start that from ground up and we were not wanting to go in debt. Enter the food truck. We decided that would be a much more cost effective way to get started. We’ll offer the same basic concept, just on a smaller scale, until we’re able to grow it into the original end picture somewhere down the road.”

“Don’t be surprised to see a musician out front entertaining you if you’re waiting in line. Don’t be surprised to hear singing going on in the truck or see some of the funniest dance moves men over 50 shouldn’t be allowed to do. Also, don’t be surprised when you see a sign out front letting you know that a percentage of your purchase went to help those in need. We’re going to try to give back and help people while having a blast doing it. It’s just a ride, enjoy it. “

Jeff Elder & Eric Wagner, Owners – Strange Highways Grub, Inc.