The Holiday Road

Introducing The Holiday Road

This weekend we spent some time perfecting a few of our recipe ideas. The big success to come out of the session was The Holiday Road. It’s a portable Thanksgiving dinner – a 10 inch flour tortilla loaded with flavor…

It’s Been A Minute…

Well, we haven’t posted in a minute. That’s because we haven’t had any progress to post. We are in, what is becoming, a perpetual holding pattern. Local officials and government have been Johnny on the spot and very helpful (Big…

Chirts? We Got Yer Stinking Chirts!

We might not be selling food yet, but we’re up and running with the shirts. Our custom shirts will make you the envy of all the cool fat boys on the block. They know, man… they know. We know. So,…

The new trailer!

Well, folks… here she is!

It’s been a good week. Happy to say we purchased our first trailer this week! At the moment, she is being fitted out with kitchen gadgets and whatnot. If all goes on schedule, we’ll be picking her up next weekend….

Hatch Grilled Chicken

Hatch Chicken What?

Another successful day in the test kitchen yesterday! This time around, Eric came up with a yet-to-be-named creation consisting of grilled chicken with a super special secret hatch seasoning, added yellow rice, then we wrapped that baby up in a…

Edith Paltrow awaits The Mother Road

What’s That? New Tasting On Saturday?

Poor little Edie… she can’t wait for the Mother Road tastings coming up this Saturday. She’s ready. Are you?