Strange Highways Music

The Story

Strange Highways Music was launched in January of 2018 by Jeff Elder, a record collector and music producer who moved his home and private studio to Weatherford, Texas in 2016. “After moving to Weatherford, I quickly realized that there were no record stores like the ones I had when I was growing up. I asked where you could buy music around here. The answers were ‘Wal-Mart, Target or Best Buy.’ So, I saw a need that wasn’t being filled locally. In addition to being able to find independent and local releases, buying records should be fun. It should be an experience that makes memories. I can remember where I got most every record I’ve had since the late 70’s. I’m not riding a trend. I genuinely want to create those same types of experiences and share the excitement that I had with others.”

The Plan

Our goal is to become your number one source for all genres of independent Texas music. If you’re looking for Roger Creager, Jonathan Terrell, MC 900ft Jesus or anything else you wouldn’t normally see on a major retail rack – we want to be your store! In addition to an extensive and unique used inventory, we will also specialize in holiday music and special order material.

Where We Are Now

On Labor Day Weekend 2018, we opened the online store.  The intention is building inventory while continuing to scout locations, research the local market and raise funds to start the retail store in Weatherford. If all goes as planned, we intend to eventually open a retail location within the next couple of years. In addition to being a fun and safe space for music fans of all genres to explore a wide variety of music (both used and new) and culture, the store will feature band merchandise, memorabilia and in-store performances. We will continue to serve our non-local customers by keeping the website active and up to date.

As with anything in life, plans change and things evolve. We invite you to follow the journey and are glad to have you along for the ride.

Thank you for visiting – we hope to make musical memories with you in the years to come!

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