Strange Highways Grub

Strange Highways Grub is certainly not your typical roach coach. We specialize in (what we refer to as) Blue Collar Food for the Soul. We have gathered recipes we’ve grown up with, tweaked them, and made them our own creations. We offer a rotating menu that will comfort your soul and make your belly happy. Pair that with our no BS business approach and our freaky fresh flavor on wheels won’t leave you empty on the side of the road. We are Strange Highways Grub. Set your GPS to nowhere and enjoy. It’s just a ride. – Eric & Jeff

Strange Highways

Our signature burrito wraps. Warm, tasty, filling and definitely not like any burrito you’ve encountered before. You won’t need three to get full. We use larger tortillas on all of our wrapped creations and are generous with the portions (as we are on all of our items), making sure you get your money’s worth. Folks, meet the Strange Highways…
 The Mother Road
Sloppy Joe, jalapeno (optional) and Fritos folded in a flour tortilla. This one’s addictive!
The Big “E”
Jerk chicken with Caribbean rice folded in a flour tortilla. A truly unique flavor sensation.
The Fajitarrrito!
Seasoned fajita meat (steak or chicken), Spanish rice, with grilled onions, peppers and jalapeno folded in a flour tortilla.
  The Funkle
Funky Strange Highways secret seasoned chicken and yellow rice folded in a flour tortilla. 
The Gladiator
A Summer favorite – This one is a Caesar salad, croutons and all, wrapped up in your choice of a flour, spinach or sun-dried tomato tortilla.
  The Good Time
Shredded beef, Rotel infused Spanish rice, black beans and jalapenos folded in a flour tortilla. 
The Wahoo!
A tasty take on Indian Tacos – chili and all the fixins wrapped in a toasted flour tortilla. 

When The Mood Fits

Check our social media sites for the bowl of the day during the cooler months, featuring home made soups and chilis. Below are a few of our favorites!
Tejas Cheesesteaks

Grilled steak or chicken with grilled onion, peppers and jalapeno, smothered in a three cheese blend, served on a large toasted hoagie / sub roll. 

The Karen

Does it really matter what’s in it? You’re going to complain regardless.  Contains gluten, fat. carbs,  chemicals and probably some of the stray chupacabra we found on the side of the road last week (among other things). 

The Holiday Road

Turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole and more all wrapped up for a portable Thanksgiving dinner. (seasonal item)

Roadside Attractions

Assorted flavors available.
Pickle Shots
Secret recipe – you’re just going to have to try them. But, get ’em fast. We sell out of them quick!


Canned Soft Drinks & Water
We offer a variety of canned soft drinks and bottled water. 

Alternating Specials

Who wants to eat the same thing every day, right? Right! Ok, if it’s cake we might eat if every day… anyway… here are some of daily specials. Check your favorite social media for today’s special!

Grilled Cheese Days  Grilled Cheese
Who got the cheese? We got cheese! Grilled cheese, to be exact. Cheese Day features Build Your Own grilled cheese sandwiches – you choose the cheese and optional meat.  We also offer some strange GC creations of our own on Grilled Cheese Days. 
Road Dog Days  Coney
If it looks like a weenie, we’ll probably be selling it. From traditional hot dogs, to Tulsa style coneys, brats, sausage links, chili pies and in between… here’s your day.
Terrible Taco Day
You know the drill, “we have the best, most authentic Mexican tacos in town.” Well, here’s the deal. We’re about as authentic as Jack in the Box, but we’re also really good. So, stop by on a terrible taco day and enjoy our tacos with a twist. 
Nutritional Information
We’re a mobile food vendor and we specialize in food that isn’t necessarily healthy. That being said, please be aware that we do not have any specific gluten-free or vegetarian processes in place. All food is prepared in the same kitchen. If it is a concern or if you have food allergies, we respectfully suggest shopping with another vendor as we are not able to accommodate special diets in this funky little food truck kitchen.  Note: It is your responsibility to make us aware of any food allergies before placing your order.