Strange Highways accepts physical merchandise from Texas and Oklahoma based bands on consignment. We also accept holiday music (from anywhere) on consignment. Additionally, we have a curated Amazon shop where we’ll be glad to list your releases if they meet the requirements above.

Easy submission method: Send us a link to your release at Amazon along with any other information you want us to know about your music.

Physical submission method: For physical merchandise, this is a simple way for us to carry your music, regardless of how large or small your band is. If you would like to place your music in our store (and we hope you do), please click here for PDF or here for a Word version of our consignment agreement. Print the agreement, fill it out, sign it and send it in. Once received, we will send a signed copy back and put them on sale. Pretty simple!

A few guidelines…

What to Send:

  • If this release is new to our store, please send 3 copies to sell and at least 1 promotional copy to be used by the store. While we do hope you sell a ton, please only send the minimum 4 copies referenced above. When we sell those first 3, we’ll send you a check and ask for more.

  • If you have any other promotional material for the release, please include it with your shipment above. We will be glad to use and/or distribute it for you.

  • At this point, we are primarily looking to carry CD’s and Vinyl. If you have a release on another format, please email prior to submitting. This also goes for t-shirts and other merchandise. If you have anything other than a CD or record to send in, please send an email first to confirm.

  • If you are sending an item with a future release date, please be sure to include the release date so we don’t send them out too soon!

How & Where to Send:

  • Send your submission via US Mail with some sort of tracking (Standard or Priority Mail is fine). There is no need to send anything overnight or expedited. UPS and FedEx packages can not be accepted at the Post Office Box.

  • The address to send your material to is: Strange Highways Music, PO Box 1191, Weatherford TX 76086.


  • If you have a release that is handled through a major distributor, feel free to send their information and we’ll see what we can do. However, consignment is our preferred method for Texas artists.

  • My album or single is only available as an MP3 download. Can you sell my songs here? Yes and No. If you are a Texas based band and do not have a physical release, but you do have a commercial digital release (aka on Amazon and iTunes), we will be glad to include a link to your song on Amazon. We only currently link to Amazon. If you have a song on Amazon and would like us to link to it, just drop us a line and include any extra info you want us to know about the song. We will also list non-Texas Holiday music links (if no physical version exists). We look forward to hearing from you – Thanks!

  • Any other questions? Feel free to email us!

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