Strange Highways Grub @ Triple D Liquor - Spring 2022

New Year, New Highway…

Spring is almost upon us and it’s wild to think that it was only a year ago that we first started serving our crazy ass creations to you guys! We kicked off in some blistering cold weather while set up at Triple D Liquor in Weatherford.

A lot has changed since there. The first year was as much, if not more, of a learning experience than we thought it would be. We intended to try different setup styles, locations, foods, etc. The plan was to see what worked and what didn’t. Fair to say we made a good dent in hitting that goal.

This year, we’re sure we’ll continue to stumble and learn. That being said, we’d like to let everyone know what we’re up to.

Through past stumbling, we’ve learned that setting up every day in Parker County is kind of pointless (unless you’ve got a great location that won’t charge you a fortune). Locations in Weatherford are hard to come by and the city is less than supportive. They aren’t anti-food truck, but they really don’t want them all over the place. Other towns, while very supportive, just don’t have the foot traffic to make daily service something you can live off of.

So… being the weirdo, gypsy, musician types that we are, we’re going put our focus on fairs and festivals this year. You know we are pretty much glorified carnies as it is. Might as well embrace it.

We truly enjoyed getting to know everyone at all the locations we worked last year and hope to see you guys on the road. When you’re out at your favorite fest, just look for the bubbles, loud music and two old guys dancing to bad music. Oh, and the aroma of good food… don’t forget the food!

Party on, Grubheads.

Jeff & Eric

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