The Lunch Wagon @ Strange Highways Grub

The Lunch Wagon is Coming!

We are excited to announce a new service offering that we’re calling The Lunch Wagon!

Need food for your office or business event? Hey, we’ll bring the truck to you!

Perfect for:

  • Employee Appreciation Lunches
  • Holiday or Special Event Luncheons
  • Promotional Events
  • Just Some Fun for your Staff

Now is always the best time to start planning out those company parties and luncheons. Why not make it a little more tasty by having Strange Highways Grub there!

Having us at your business can be very cost effective.

Want to book a date or need more information? Shoot us an email and we’ll be glad to get the truck rolling for you! 


What’s it going to cost me? We have a $250 minimum for bringing out the Lunch Wagon to our base service area. If you have 25 employees eating and paying for their own food, that will generally cover the $250. If not, payment from your company would be whatever the difference is. Additionally, if you wish to cover a portion of your employees food cost, we can easily do that, too! A perfect example would be if you want to pay $5 towards each employee meal. In that situation, we would charge the employee whatever the amount over $5 is, then collect a single payment from the business at the end of the shift for the $5 vouchers. 

What kind of food can we have? In order to keep the line moving at a steady pace, the menu will be limited to two or three main dishes. We offer a diverse variety of food and can work with you to accommodate your needs. 

How many people may attend? For our Lunch Wagon setup, we are able to service around 25-100 people in a reasonable amount of time. Depending on how many employees you have, we recommend staggering their lunches to avoid longer lines. Upon booking, we can determine this (does not affect cost) – Generally, we allow 2-3 hours for a lunch session. Additionally, the event will not be open to the public. the only ones using our service will be your employees and whoever you invite. We will not be soliciting outside business while on your site.

What hours are you available? The Lunch Wagon is available anytime during daytime hours, any day of the week. However, we are available for other events, festivals, HOA’s etc. outside of lunch hours (including breakfast). 

Will you be serving the employees / will this be like traditional catering? No. We are a food truck. Your employees will come to the window to place orders and pick them up at the window. From there, they can eat in the office, outside or wherever you want them to eat.

Can I pre-pay for my employees’ meals? Absolutely! If you will be doing this, we can work with you on creating a fun menu that fits your budget.

Are there any physical requirements? Yes. Per local health codes and regulations, we are required to have a concrete area to park the trailer. The trailer will be attached to a truck. So, you’ll need to make sure your business has at least 50 feet of parking space available for us to use or a blocked off concrete area. Most parking lots work fine since we won’t be selling to the general public (this will be considered a private event), just keep in mind that we may have to move a few cars around to fit in your lot. Additionally, the health department requires that our employees (all 2 or 3 of us) have access to your restroom.

What is your service area? We set up in Parker County, Texas and its surrounding areas, including Weatherford, Brock, Millsap, Peaster, Garner, Willow Park, Aledo, Mineral Wells and Fort Worth.

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