SHG 1st Anniversary

And what a ride it has been!

July 8th marks the official first year anniversary of Strange Highways Grub, Inc (8th is the date the government stamped on our paperwork, so we’re sticking with the date). What a fun and eye-opening year it has been! It would be fair to say that we have learned more than we could have ever expected on this journey – licensing, permitting, food suppliers, locations, bookings, waste… waste was a big one lol. The list goes on and on. Oh yeah, there’s that whole getting up at 2am thing we’re doing now, too. Whose stupid idea was that? What? Mine? Nah. Nevermind. Anyway…

To all of you who have followed our strange little trip online and those who dared the wilds of Parker County to eat at our funky little food trailer, we want to thank you. Your support has meant the world to us. When we talk to you guys at the window or online and you all share the excitement you have for what we’re doing or how much you like the food, it feeds our drive to succeed at this game. You all are just as responsible for making this thing work as we are. Thank you – and here’s to another year!

– Jeff & Eric

BTW – We made up a little 1st Anniversary Logo and slapped it on some merchandise. If you want to show your Grubhead pride, go getcha one by clicking here or on the image below – all proceeds go to keeping us in business 🙂

A little stroll down memory lane… The Blog Post That Started It All

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